Hi, welcome to the press kit of BeentouchTM. This kit is written to make the work of journalists easier. First, thank you. You help us spread our voice and mission. And you know our mission is to give voice to the silent, so we are kind of a team together! Read through this document to find out all the details you are searching for.

What is BeentouchTM (in a tweet)

#Beentouch is the app that provides #highquality #calls and #videocalls even with bad #internet networks.

Our Idea of Communication

BeentouchTM is the app that provides free high-quality calls and videocalls even with bad internet connections. This is a nice to have for the developed world, while it is a fundamental characteristics for the southern emisphere of our world. Emerging markets live on the mobile-only economy and they are developing fast thanks to the digital. Internet connections are still poor, and the videocommunication software known in the more developed world don’t work there. Up to 1.3 billion people are still waiting for the possibility to access distance communication, and we’re here to make it. BeentouchTM is built with the best technology on the market to provide the best quality with low data usage. It finds a fit for emerging countries and mobile connectivity.


The Beentouch project was founded in 2014 among the university classrooms of Computer Engineering in Italy, by three students. Danilo Mirabile, Alberto Longo and Emanuele Accardo. Over the years, many young people have joined the team. Each of them has played a crucial role in the growth of the project.

The Innovation

BeentouchTM implements the best performing technologies nowadays. Data are transmitted between the two involved users only, unlike it happens with almost all the other competitors that burden the bandwidth for other usages. This way, BeentouchTM has improved quality yield and reduced data usage. BeentouchTM is able to modulate the transmission according to the network conditions in order to provide the best output possible while saving on data plans. All the communications are encrypted to ensure the privacy of our users. Remaining in the technological field, please note that BeentouchTM does not implement any form of data listening for subsequent use. This makes it one of a kind and reflects our respect for the data of the users. Nowadays, Beentouch is available from browsers and as an app on Android and iOS devices. Beentouch is accessible from emerging markets.